• Add a Classroom

    An educator has the capability to create Classrooms, the main entity to connect student and parents.

    1. From the Main Menu, select Classroom.

    To create a Classroom, visit the ‘Classroom’ section from the main menu dropdown on your top-left.

    2. Select '+Add Class'.

    Click on '+Add Class' button below your profile picture.

    3. Add class name and grade level.

    To add a new classroom you will need a Class name, Grade level, and an image to customize the header.


    Click “Add Class”.


    For each Classroom you can add students, assign lessons, manage and delete classrooms.


    Congrats! Your Classroom is now added.

    4. Your classroom is created.

    For each Classroom you will be able to add students, manage class and delete.


    After You Edit, Make Sure You Click “Save Changes”.


    The new Classroom will appear on your section list.

    5. Now, let's add new students!