• Add a Classroom

    Educators add their classrooms, assign lessons and manage usage and sharing with others.

    1. From the Dashboard, select CLASSROOMS.

    To create a Classroom, visit the "CLASSROOMS" section from the main menu at the bottom of the screen.

    2. Select "+ Add New Classroom".

    Click on "+ Add New Classroom" button to create your classroom(s).

    3. Add Class Name and Grade Level.

    To add a new classroom you will need to create a Class Name, select a Grade level (slide grade level K-2nd to view more grades) and upload an image to customize the header. Do this for creating each of your classrooms.


    Click “Save”.


    4. Your Classrooms are created.

    The new Classrooms will appear on your section list.

    The edit button on your classroom image gives you the option to change the classroom name, the grade level, the image or delete a classroom.

    5. Now, assign Lessons to your Classroom(s)!

    See section: Share Lessons for more details on assigning and sharing lessons.

    Once the classroom has been created, you can go to your lessons and assign a lesson to your classroom.


    Note: At the end of each lesson, you have the option to "Add to Classroom", "Share This Page" and "Mark as Completed".


    After you assign your lessons, click on your classroom and you are able to see all the assigned lessons for that classroom .

    You can add lessons from Monthly Lessons, More Lessons, and Search Lessons. Lessons can include Daily Lessons, Daily Quotes or Behavior of the Week.