• Create an Account

    Using your iPhone or Android phone.

    1. Open the CharacterDaily App.

    On your iPhone or Android phone, open the CharacterDaily app on your phone. Look for the orange app with a sunrise!

    2. As a new user, you will need to create an account.

    At login page, scroll down and select 'Create Account'.


    If you are already registered, use your username and password.

    Tip: username is usually your email address.


    If you don't remember your password, click on "Forgot your password" link at the end of the screen.


    3. Create your new account.

    Enter your first and last name, email address and create a password for your account.


    Use a unique password to protect your account. Your information will be secure.


    Click on 'Create' to proceed.

    4. Associate account to school or organization.

    Receive customized lessons and teaching material from your school or organization by syncing your accounts using a passcode. This passcode should be provided by your school administrator or the class teacher.


    If you don't have a passcode, try our free trial using 000-000 or simply click "skip for now".


    For more information contact us at contact@characterdaily.com


    5. Setup your account profile.

    Add your profile information, including your first and last names, email address, mobile phone number, state, school/organization and grade level


    Select "Customize Pillars" to schedule the order you want to receive your lessons.


    You can also add a profile image. Feel free to choose one from your gallery or just take a selfie!


    Click ‘Save’ once you are done and proceed to CharacterDaily's homepage.

    6. Welcome to CharacterDaily Homepage!

    Using CharacterDaily you will receive a Daily Lesson from our content inventory, including stories, articles, videos clips, inspirational quotes and the Behavior of the Week. Lessons are categorized by pillar and grade level which can be customized on your profile page.


    Click on "All Lessons" to view our Library of Lessons. The most recent will always appear on top of the list. Scroll down to find the lesson you want to include in your teaching lessons.


    Click on "Character Tools" for access to educational material, resources, monthly newsletters and a full playlist of songs.


    "My Classrooms" is where you get to invite your students and assign them lessons for daily teachings.


    To come back to homepage, simply click on the sun icon at the top!