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    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    1. Visit 'My Profile' section.

    If you need to edit information on your profile or want to change your profile picture, click on the profile thumbnail at the top right-corner and select ‘My Profile’.

    2. Edit information, add profile image and save.

    Your profile includes basic information where you can edit your name, last name, email address, mobile phone #, state, school or organization name, and grade level.


    Click on "Customize Pillars" to schedule the pillar order you would like to receive your daily lessons.


    Don't forget to add a profile image. Feel free to choose one from your gallery or just take a selfie!


    After editing your information click on ‘Save’.


    Your information will always be protected and secured.

    3. Customize your teaching experience.

    From your profile section, you can also change and customize the pillar order which is been presented to you. Every pillar is equal to a month. So if 'Introduction' is in position #1, you will receive lessons specific to the Introduction. Starting the following month, the pillar "Trustworthiness" will be featured in your daily lessons section.


    Your default pillar order will be ITRRFCC.


    After editing click on ‘Save’.