• Customize Pillar Order and Grade Level

    In the "Create Account" section you were guided to Lesson Settings to customize pillars and grade level. This section shows you how to access this feature if you desire to rearrange your order.

    1. Select LESSONS from the Dashboard, then click "Lesson Settings"

    Click on LESSONS in the bottom menu. In the sub-navigation choices, select Lesson Settings to customize your pillars and grade levels.

    2. Arrange the pillar order and select grade level(s).

    You are now in the Settings section. To change the order you receive your lessons on a monthly basis, drag & drop the pillar to the position you decide to be scheduled.


    Each pillar will show lessons for one (1) month.


    Then choose the appropriate grade level for your lessons. You can choose one or multiple grade levels.


    Click "Save" and your daily lessons and grade levels are modified.


    You will be taken to the CharacterDaily Homepage to view the modified pillar with correlating Daily Lesson, Daily Quote and Behavior of the Week as well as your Monthly Lesson Plan and More Lessons.

    3. Click on Other Menu Items in Lessons

    After you are directed to the Character Daily homepage, you can click LESSONS and choose Monthly Lessons to see a list of your scheduled lessons for the month.

    Search for more lessons in sub-menu Search Lessons