• Sharing and Assigning Lessons.

    Learn how to share a lesson and assign them to classrooms.

    1. Visit the "Monthly Lessons" or "More Lessons" section from the LESSONS menu and select a lesson you would like to share. "More Lessons" can be accessed after "Monthly Lessons".


    Note: Lessons, Quotes and Behavior of the Week can be shared and assigned to classrooms as well.

    The Monthly Lesson Plan displays one entire month of scheduled lessons.

    You can view each individual lesson and have the ability to :

    • Add To Classroom
    • Share This Page
    • Mark As Completed

    2. To assign the lesson to a classroom, click on the orange button "Add to Classroom".

    3. Then, select the Classroom you want to assign the lesson.

    4. Done! Now the lesson is added to the classroom and will now appear in that classroom.


    5. The lessons will now appear under the classroom's Current Lessons heading.

    Once the lesson has been added to the classroom, you have the ability to share this page or to mark the lesson as completed.

    6. To share a lesson, click on the blue "Share This Page" icon.

    7. You have multiple alternatives for sharing lessons!

    You can share a lesson using your installed smartphone applications, which might include:

    • Email server
    • iOS and Android text SMS
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • WhatsApp
    • Evernote
    • Slack
    • plus more...
    A lesson can also be:
    • Copy / Pasted
    • Printed
    • Saved as Image

    8. To Mark As Completed, click on the green "Mark as Completed" Icon.

    The lesson can be marked as completed, a green bar with a checkmark and the completion date will be shown ​in the lesson,

    9. Checkmark and Date.

    Once the lesson is marked as completed you will see a green box with a checkmark and a completion date 'Mark as Completed' button on the lesson.
    This checkmark and date displays throughout the application on the completed lesson (i.e., Classroom and Monthly Lessons or More Lessons).