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Positively transforming the culture and climate everywhere!


This mobile and web app makes teaching character easy and effective!

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Aligns with the 9 Components of Character Social Emotional Development (CSED)!


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The Easiest Way to Promote Character Education

in the Classroom, Homeschool, and Community.

This mobile and web based application is comprehensive and dynamic, yet simple and easy to use.

Content is provided in multiple forms to help match your teaching style.

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Based on CHARACTER COUNTS! Six Pillars of Character

Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship

Each of the six character traits is used within the framework to help instill a positive school climate for students and a “culture of kindness”, making schools and communities a safe environment for all.

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Something for Everyone

For educators in school, after school and homeschool, teaching has just gotten easier!

Applies to any person interacting with youth, such as teachers, parents/guardians, school staff, homeschoolers, administration, coaches, etc. Get to know your students and what they need.

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Always Accessible... at your Fingertips

An innovative and dynamic way for continuous learning!

Enhance your character teaching with built-in engaging learning resources. Content is quickly accessed and provided in multiple forms, including: lessons, stories, video clips, inspirational challenges, quotes, and more!

Click HERE for A Journey Through the App to experience how the app is so comprehensive!

Discover new ways to use your app - understand about the features, how to customize your pillars, create classrooms for your lesson planning, search for almost any topic or character trait and find engaging content to share.

CC! App Testimonials

CC! App Testimonials

Watch Now

"I have found the app to be very user friendly.  Most importantly, the children enjoy it and can easily relate to the character concepts presented!"

Kay B.

Kindergarten Teacher 

"I have the quote up for five minutes as students enter the room before the announcements begin and I see most of the students read it and subtly take the words of wisdom in." 

Tom S.

6th Grade Teacher

"We show the daily quote each day on our school's Morning Show. This is shown throughout the school and is used as conversation starters. 

Great way to start the day with a positive activity." 

Chris R.

 6th Grade Teacher

"This App has made teaching the character traits easy and engaging for my students!"

Emma V.

2nd Grade Teacher


Feature Highlights

A dynamic tool for building a culture of character in schools, at home​​, and afterschool programs


Receive a Daily Lesson, Daily Inspiration, & Daily Quote to benefit the whole school!


Easy lesson planning!

Receive an organized set of lessons that have been scheduled based on your preferences – customize pillar order & grade level.


Receive a variety of content including stories, inspirational challenges, quotes, videos, songs & newsletters.


Educators add their classrooms then assign & manage content so they can organize their lesson plans for the week and month!


Content can be shared with peers, parents, & friends through email, text or any social media channel.


Exciting features offer the opportunity to include your own customized content. Contact us to learn more about pricing options and how we can accommodate your needs! 

CHARACTER COUNTS! app is Intuitive and Simple to Use

Pricing Options 


Originally $4.99/month OR $49.99/annual

Now $2.49/month OR only $24.99/annual


50% OFF - Open web app and click Create New Account.

Follow prompts, use PROMO CODE: APP50OFF


FREE TRIAL - Click Here 


FREE DEMO - Contact us

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About Us

About Us

CHARACTER COUNTS! is housed at The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University. As a global initiative that transforms lives and strengthens communities, CHARACTER COUNTS! supports our mission to improve civility through character development and ethical leadership. Click here to learn more about CHARACTER COUNTS! 

Digital Learning Just Got Easier! 

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